Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Aunts..

I wanted to take a minute to say that my Aunts are the greatest.. No really I am not just typing this because I think they will read it. I know they will. But I totally appreciate my family, all of them. I especially appreciate my Aunts.
My dads family lives near me. I love them all but do not have the same connection with them that I do with my Mom's family. I am close to everyone on my Mom's family. We have a huge family.
My Aunts are all Gems. If I want to go on "vacation" I ususally head straight to Penna. Straight to the Aunts. My Aunt L. she is great she was here recently and stayed for several weeks. It was great. My Aunt C. wow can she cook, if you want something yummy go to Aunt C.'s she can throw stuff in a pot, and out comes the most wonderful dish. Auntie P. She is great. I love going to her house, She takes the most wonderful Photos.
My Aunt B. always has been grand for a good time. We have been on more Road Trips together, including our favorite past time, Cemetary Hopping!!.
Thats right.
My Aunt M. once again she can cook anything, Best Homemade Mac and Cheese you will ever have, and Cole Slaw. The last few vacations I have stayed in a camper in her drive way.. Wonderful.. Better than any hotel.
I once travelled from Oklahoma to Penna with Auntie P, and Aunt L, Grammy and some cousins in a Volkswagon Van. What a great fun trip.
Aunt B, oh goodness the good times with her and the cousins. Camping down on the Creek bed for a week in a Roll of plastic we made into a lean to, Taking a trip to the lake and sleeping on lawn chairs or in the back of a pickup truck. Awesome times.
Aunt C. and Uncle B. took us some great places, to Eagles Mere to ride down the ice hill on tobogans and across the lake. Camping the first day of trout. Oh the good times.
Well that is all for now, Wanted to say Thanks to the Aunties, Lots of great memories, and also say I hope everyone has Aunts like I do. The Best, The Aunts make anywhere HOME...
Wanted to just say I have Terrific Uncles also.... Don't worry I will write about you guys some day. Also maybe even some of the wonderful Cousins, so that leaves out Scott, Gary and Jimmy.. Bummer
Remember to have Fun!!!


  1. Hello! Thanks for stopping on by to enter our contest! We've got an "Auntie P" her - as well as our other Aunts!
    Have a great week!!

  2. Aunts are definately a wonderful thing. I am very close to my Aunt J.. She is like a mom to me and we also do crazy things (like standing in front of Best Buy from 11:00pm Thanksgiving night until the store opened to get my darling daughter a computer that we never got). I am also very close to my Aunt G.. She is always there when I need her too. She just doesn't do the crazy things Aunt J.. and I do she just laughs at us. Both of them are part of the Friday night girls card game (Hand & Foot). Then Aunt R.. she's in Maryland but she is a ball of fun too. Then I have Aunt LoLo, Aunt B.. and my Aunt L.H. They are all awesome and great game players.

    Thanks for the link to the Foreman grill

  3. Hey there Rene! Aunt L told me about this neat little site you've got going so I thought I'd check it out. Have to tell you this comment make me laugh so hard I almost p'd my dang pants and brought a tear to my eye at the same time. Seems like most of the time we take for granted the special people and simple moments. Times like the ones you mentioned make me realize just how lucky we are to have such an amazing and loving family.. even if I'd never be caught in public with some of them, lol.
    Tell everyone out that that Ali, Britt, and I miss them and love them- your mom esp. Much love to you too Rene

    P.S. I've got an Aunt to add to your list- even tho she's your Mommy. Aunt N has the best laugh, the kind where you cant help but laugh even if nothing is funny, the kind where you cant stop laughing and the tears roll down your cheeks and your tummy and cheeks always hurt when you finally get settled down-

    ♥ from Pennsylvania


  4. Hello everyone this is Auntie B. I am in the loop now.Looking forward to Blogging you all.


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