Friday, February 13, 2009

Treadmill Here I Come

I am headed up to get on the Treadmill..I really need it after having Supper tonight. I love to cook, unfortunately I also like to eat. Tonight I took the leftover Roast and made really yummy beef and noodles. They were good.
Busy, Busy, day today.. The kiddos went outside for a few minutes. The Princess loved it, because she loves running. She looks so cute running in her little pink snowsuit.
We have a busy day tomorrow but don't worry I will find time to check in.
No kiddos.. I love the weekend.
Rocky is bugging me to go OUTSIDE!!!! he keeps sneezing, when he does that it is a hint to me that he needs out. ok.. gotta go, he is now sneezing and running in his block O formation. He is a buckeye dog for sure.
Night all!!
Remember to have Fun!!!


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