Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wow, Aunt L.. Left me a comment. Hurray!!!!!

I am so excited, my aunt left me a comment. This is big for me. I wasn't getting very many comments and we figured out part of the reason was I didn't have it set up correctly. I fixed it, without losing any of my blog, a miracle.
I am glad the 3 of you went to the Y. today. I am going upstairs now and attempt to get some exercise on that treadmill. Then I am going to come downstairs and watch the Biggest Loser. (I might move my TV upstairs and walk while it is on).
Rocky is looking a lot like the 2 little dogs there in penna. He hasn't had a haircut since October I think, and he is a mess. He is such a sweet little mutt though and for the most part well behaved. He has never peed on my feet on the bed, thank goodness (See lovemy2dogs for that one).
Take Care Aunties, Love and Miss you all... Yes even Gary, Scott, and Jimmy. ( not Fred so much) hehehehe.. had to say it for you guys.
Talk to you soon.
Remember to Have Fun!!!!!


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