Sunday, March 1, 2009

Book List, 12 Books!

I don't know if you noticed or not but I have a Book List at the bottom of my page. It lists the books that I have read since Jan 1. I have usually read more than this by now, but Blogging ha cut into some of my reading time.
I am reading book 12 now. I have become addicted to certain authors, this is normal for me. I find a author, or publishing house that I like and read everything I can get my hands on by that author. Right now Karen Kingsbury is my choice, I love her books. She is a amazing writer. I highly recommend her books to you. I also have enjoyed books by Wanda Brunstetter so far this year. I went to Ollies looking for books by these 2 women. I found 2 Karen Kingsbury. I have read one already last night. If you have the opportunity to pick up some of her books you should do it. They are great reading.
Wanda Brunstetters books are fantastic also. I read the Daughters of Lancaster County series by her. They are about the Amish and the way of life they enjoy in Lancaster County. I enjoyed this series as I have been to Lancaster County on Vacation a couple of years ago. We had so much fun.
Have a Great Day Everyone,
Remember to have Fun!!!
and REad a book.
Oh and the two publishing houses right now are Zondervan they also have wonderful children's books, and Bethany House.

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  1. Hi & Thanks for the new authors tip. I too, do the hooked on an author thing.I was on to Sue Grafton with her "alphbet" mystery books for awhile.I think I'll give your's a try....afterall,you read Dewey,How could anyone not love Dewey!


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..