Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flat Trisha

Have any of you stopped over to Momdot today.. That Trisha she is at it again. She comes up with some fun things to do. I have already emailed her asking to be part of Flat Trisha. You really should go and check it out. I am thinking of all the places in my town I could take Flat Trisha if she comes to visit here in my home.

So get going, Sign up for Flat Trisha I can't wait to see where people will take her. I wish I was Flat Aunt Rene, so could use a vacation.
Have Fun!! I am.


  1. Cute Easter layout. I will check out flat Trisha...wait a minute, flat as in flat broke or flat-chested?

  2. Just dropping by from the UBP09!

    You should do a Flat Rene--I hosted a Flat Laneise when I lived in Alaska, from an after-school program in Arizona somewhere.

    Come and visit me if you get a chance!


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..