Sunday, March 8, 2009

Clean out the Fridge Day!!!

Today is Clean out the Fridge Day!! I do this often, see what is Trash, what is Treasure. I found lots of Treasures today.. Yeah!! I love being able to dump a bunch of leftovers in the slow cooker and having dinner finished.
Today I had assorted leftover veggies, corn, green beans, stewed tomatoes, hmmm Left over Roast with onion, potatoes, onions, See where this is going, left over mashed potatoes, about 3 tablespoons full.. Yep.. That's right dump it all in.. Pour in a whole container of Swansons Vegetable Broth and it smells yummy in the house already.
Vegetable Beef Soup. Thick, Hot, and Delish smelling.
Thinking I will be making more meals from this, might put some dumplings on part of it for dinner today. Then Freeze about half of the rest, and then later this week throw it in my Temp-tations bakeware lay some unrolled Crescent Rolls on top and TAhDAh!!! The kiddos will have Beef Veggie Pot pie for lunch.
Does anyone else love Temp-Tations bakeware as much as I do. They are honestly the best. They are so pretty, and they go from the oven, to the fridge, to the freezer, and you can even microwave in them. I use mine everyday.
Have Fun!!!
I am.
Update, I have already had 2 emails and a comment asking about TempTations. TempTations is a terrific line of Bakeware from QVC. I am lucky enough to have a mom who is a QVC junky. She has purchased MOST of us girls some TempTations(everyone but Tammy, Mom buys her other great stuff, Tammy will be on here whining in a bit.) Anyways, I am going to be doing a post soon with my favorite things in it. I will be hosting a giveaway at the same time.. I am thinking TEMPTATIONS for the giveaway.. we will wait and see because I have LOTS of Favorite things that are awesome, just some hints: Original Rapsberry Chipotle Sauce, Country Bob's Country Sauce, Kitchen Aid anything (love that companys appliances) I don't know what will be in the giveaway, but it will be something from my list of Favorite things, So be sure to watch for the post coming up soon.


  1. I've never heard of temp=tations cookware, but I think I need to find some today!
    Your soup (and your pot pie) sounds wonderful! I haven't made a pot pie in years....might just be on the menu for tonight!

    Have a blessed Sunday. I haven't forgotten about you. I've carried your gift in my car for 2 weeks...I'll try to run it by the PO today~

  2. Ok, you are right I am whining now. I got a great christmas gift!! I love QVC too!! I even have stuff that I have bought for myself from QVC but tell your Mom that I will take some more. I think the TempTations are awesome too. :D)

  3. We had clean out the fridge night last night and it does not always go over as well as I would like it to!


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  4. How do you have time to watch QVC!!! I am moving to OHIO!!!


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..