Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!!!

Oh it is so nice outside today. Just beautiful here in Ohio. It is only 34 degrees but the sun is shining. I have been busy running errands and it is so nice to be able to do it without all of the winter clothes on. I do not like driving a car with a winter coat on makes me crazy. I ran to the Post Office and mailed the Girl Scout cookies to my winner Kebi in Oklahoma. I then went to the Amish Grocery store, it is a Bent and Dent store, but boy do they have good buys. From there I drove down the road to the Amish Bulk Food store. Lots of goodies there I bought my mom a homemade Cherry Pie that might be the prettiest pie I have ever seen. The little Amish girl who is 9 said she baked it.. She is talented. Too bad I don't like Fruit pies because it looks yummy. I don't like Fruit..
I bought some homemade Chocolate Easter Eggs, Yum Yum! also grabbed a bag of the marshmallow for the kids cereal it will be a fun treat for the kiddos. They are the marshmallows like are in Lucky Charms. I have some Rice Krispies I will throw those in this week for a treat for the kiddos. Also bought my favorite Bulk Walnuts, I love Walnuts and they just taste so good from this store. Fresh I guess. Beats me Why.
Well I am going to make my mom some Lunch and then I think I will run around a little more. This is a treat for me, I usually stay at home quite a bit. I am thinking about hitting the Goodwill stores, Looking for a few new things for the kiddos. I also need to refill my Extra Clothes Box. Its running on empty.
I hope everyone is having a Fantastic Day!!
I know I am..


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