Thursday, March 12, 2009

Busy Day!!!

I have 6 kiddos today.. Busy. Right now it is naptime.. Yeah !!! I love naptime. They are all asleep on their little beds. The wee babe is fast asleep in his Pack n Play. Even the dog and cat are asleep, and my mom figured she might as well go and take a nap. The peace will end in one hour. 2:30 Wake up from Naps, Get everyone pottied, changed, shoes on, pick up 2 girls from school, snack, pack up bags, parents in and out.
Then it will be breathing time. Busy Busy, tonight will be fun "My Boys" are all coming over for dinner, I haven't spent any time with them since last Monday. That is a long time.
We are going to have Pasta, Salad, Garlic Bread, and something for dessert. Haven't decided what yet, Maybe Apple Crisp. It is a chilly 24 degrees, Apple Crisp is a good cold weather day dessert.
We ususally go out to dinner but I like to cook. I can cook a whole meal for all of us for what it would cost just for me to go to dinner.
We may even play Cards, or Scrabble, or something after dinner.. Or Chat. We are all talkers, Shocker I know to anyone who knows me to find out I like to talk.
It is almost friday.. Yeah!!!! So Happy!!!
Busy weekend planned, I definitely need to go to Sam's. We are running out of everything, I also need to go to the Amish Grocery for Bread, I have one loaf left in the freezer.
I hope everyone has a wonderful evening. I know mine will be fun.
Take Care, and Remember to have fun..


  1. OMG - 6 kids today?!? How do you do it? I am pulling my hair out with two. And one is as we speak destroying his room where he's supposed to be napping. Aarrggh!

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  2. Hey, you had a busy day too. I had 5 all day then 4 more school. I did get to take the four late ones home at 8pm instead of mom picking them up at 11pm.
    Have fun with the boys tomorrow night and don't forget it's my "R"'s birthday tomorrow, the big 2-0. Wow that makes me sound O-L-D.

  3. Wow sounds like a busy day. I must say I am also very excited for Friday as well. I mean I may not deal with little kids all day, but I sure have to put up with lots of big kids (about 14000 to be exact) Well have fun at Sam's Club and the Amish store. I love the Amish stores at home... thats where I go to stock up on food for school.
    Take Care (:

  4. Wow, how did you master the art of getting six kiddos asleep at the same time?!?! I love going to Sam's, I'm like a kid in the candy store :)

    Oh yeah, I just stopped by The Scattered Mind of a Tattooed Minivan Mom blog and saw you won the Starbucks gift card. Congrats!


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