Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Roo!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful niece Roo!!
Roo, I can not believe you are 20 today. How did that happen, just yesterday you were a Itty Bitty Baby!!! ( Would you like me to sing your song to you) Once There Was.........

Ok, Ok, I won't embarass you, not on my blog. You may of started out life early and tiny. I remember the first time I saw you thru the NICU window. They held you up for me to see and you grinned.. NO you did not have gas. You have had that beautiful smile on your face since that day.

I hope you have a Wonderful Birthday, Hard to believe that little baby girl is now in college, and engaged to be married. Have Great Fun Roo Girl.
Love you,
Your Favorite Aunt REne(Yes I know I am your only Aunt Rene that's why I am the favorite)

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  1. hello! you won my giveaway! can you please send me your information at

    thanks! and congrats! and happy birthday to your niece! my birthday was yesterday!


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..