Thursday, March 19, 2009

Potty Story.

I figured it was time for a Potty Story. This one has no Day Care kiddos involved, Last night when we were leaving Olive Garden My sister M3 and I stopped in the restroom. Inside there were 2 teenage girls and a little girl who was probably 5. The 2 teenagers were preening in the mirror and little girl was just scurrying around in there doing things a 5 year old does. I head for empty stall, I hear M3 knocking on stall doors and no one is answering, She turns to teenage girl and says, "Are they all full" Teen ager replies, "No, she crawled underneath and locked all the doors" M3 replies "OH" finally teenage girl realizes only person to fix problem is 5 year old and says to her "Climb back under there and unlock the doors".
Oh to be 5... Full of life, mischief, adventure and never once worry about all the germs on restroom floor.
By the way M3= equals 3rd child of 6 whose names all begin with M....


  1. I am cringing at the thought of crawling on the bathroom floor.
    I sure hope her mama washed that kiddo's hands!

  2. eh. i hate public restrooms. i agree with the above commenter!

    but, funny the things they do to keep themselves entertained! :)


Wow Thanks for the comment.. Something to read..