Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The New Dora The Explorer

Have you all seen this picture of the new Dora The Explorer. I am not saying it is good or bad, its definitely different. I think this new Dora would be more appealing to my niece who is 7 then the original Dora. I also believe the Original Dora who looks like a toddler is a lot more appealing to the kiddos who are under the age of 5 and actually watch Dora the Explorer. I am not sure New Dora is going to appeal as much to my little kiddos who like to watch Dora when I turn it on, Not often, we don't watch much television.
I guess it just goes to show, Nothing stays the same.
Everyone ages I suppose even Miss Dora, so what is going to Happen to Diego, and Boots goodness he must be grey by now. They can't possibly just stop at Dora, they must all age. Will she still carry a Backpack.. Hmmm we shall see this fall.
Good Luck New Dora, We are going to miss the Old Dora..


  1. hmmm...interesting... I don't know if they will like the new Dora. And I don't think older kids with respond that well, either. If Dora is a "baby show" the 7 year olds won't really want to watch...

    Did you ever see the video that says that Dora the Explorer is an illegal immigrant? I always crack up when I'm watching it. It makes, sense when you think about it. It's definitely worth finding on Youtube.

  2. I like the new and improved Dora. She looks like she's 10 yrs old. She doesn't look bad. Actually, she looks like my 10 yr. old daughter. As a matter of fact, my daughter looked like the old Dora when she was 5!

  3. I saw this on "The View" yesterday. Whoopie said that she can not go exploring in those ballet slippers. lol You know the babies can not grow up if Dora doesn't.

    I hope your week continues to improve. Mine is not bad just all out whack. Call me if you need to blow off some steam. I know how kids AND parents can be.

  4. I actually think she is really cute.
    I wanted to welcome you to the OSB, and tell you to email me if you need help with our button!
    Good luck!

  5. I was catching up on my shows on the DVR last night. The Dish (a show that sums up tv of the week) talked about this too funny. They had the same comments about Boots and Diego .. LOL

    Thanks so much for entering my giveaway and following! I'll follow to we can get lost together :)


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